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[21 Feb 2019 | No Comment | ]
Disney D-Lish Merchandise Pop-Up Event Starts Today at Disney Springs

Disney is celebrating its new line of food-inspired merchandise – the Disney D-Lish merchandise – with a special pop-up event at Disney Springs starting today, February 21.
The event runs daily from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. through February 24 and is open for all guests at Disney Springs.
Guests can shop “specialty packaged goods” inspired by iconic Disney foods, enjoy special photo ops, entertainment, mini-makeovers by MAC Cosmetics, and more.
Disney is also promising other “crave-worthy surprises.”
Stop by Disney Springs this week and check out the D-List pop-up event.

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[22 Jan 2019 | No Comment | ]
Disney Food Blog Launches the ‘DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2019’ E-book

If you’re making plans to visit Disney World this year you’ll need a good travel guide. And, the Disney Food Blog has just launched the fully updated DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2019 e-book.
The e-book feature more than 750 pages of planning tips, restaurant reviews, full color food photos, and so much more.
The DFB Guide includes:

A 5-Step Strategy for Disney Dining Planning, covering everything you need to know from budgeting and booking to kids’ meals, dining discounts, and fireworks.
An in-depth analysis of the Disney Dining Plan and whether …

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[31 Mar 2018 | No Comment | ]
The ‘DFB Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks’ E-book Now Available

The fully-update DFB Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks e-book is now available!
The Snack Guide is part of the Disney Food Blog’s line of dining guides. It features more than 200 snacks at the Magic Kingdom along with full-color photos and more.
This e-book is instantly downloadable to a smartphone or tablet – which means it’s easily accessible at the theme parks. You can also download a copy to your home computer for your vacation planning research.
The 2018-19 edition includes:

Full-color photos of over 200 of our favorite snacks
Current prices and Disney Dining …

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[29 Jan 2016 | No Comment | ]
Disney Food Blog Announces Grand Launch of the ‘DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2016’ E-book

The Disney Food Blog is celebrating the grand launch of the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2016 e-book.
The e-book is an instantly downloadable PDF that features more than 530 full-color pages of photographs, information, and advice about food and dining in Walt Disney World.
The guide includes a 5-step strategy for Disney dining planning; an in-depth look at every Walt Disney World restaurant, kiosk, bar, and lounge; free downloadable worksheets for trip planing; sample itineraries; and much more.
The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2016 also features a …

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[2 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Disney Food Blog Announces Grand Launch of ‘DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2015’ Ebook

If you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation and you have questions about food and dining at Disney, listen up!
The Disney Food Blog recently announced the grand launch of the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2015 ebook!
This instantly downloadable ebook features more than 490 full-color pages that are full of photos, tips, information, and advice about dining at Disney World.
The book gives readers a comprehensive look at every Disney World restaurant, bar, kiosk, and lounge.
You’ll also find a 5-step strategy for the Disney Dining Plan, four free downloadable …

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[25 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]
Disney Food Blog Announces Launch of ‘The DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks’ e-Book 2014 Edition

The Disney Food Blog has announced the grand launch of The DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks e-book, 2014 edition!
The DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks e-book is meant to supplement the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-book. The Epcot Snack guide features more than 290 pages of information, advice, and photos to help you get the most out of your snacking experience at Epcot.
The e-books includes full-color photos of more than 250 snacks at Epcot, current pricing and Disney Dining Plan snack credit status for the items, insider tips, …

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[27 Jul 2013 | Comments Off on Disney's Rapid Fill Refillable Mug Program Likely Coming Soon to Walt Disney World | ]
Disney's Rapid Fill Refillable Mug Program Likely Coming Soon to Walt Disney World

For years, guests at Walt Disney World resorts have been able to purchase refillable mugs for their stays, giving them unlimited refills on both hot and cold beverages. Now, it looks like this long-standing system may be getting some big changes, as it was revealed that Disney's new Rapid Fill Refillable Mug program may be arriving soon at Walt Disney World.
The Disney Food Blog was the first to report on the new system's upcoming implementation, which has not yet been confirmed by Disney. After first testing the technology in 2011 …

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[23 Jun 2013 | No Comment | ]
Review of Disney’s Wild Africa Trek at the Animal Kingdom

The pavement was dappled in shadows, sunlight streaming through the bright green leaves in the hot Florida afternoon. A parrot cawed, a brook bubbled happily past. No, I wasn’t I visiting some exotic locale – I was in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and I was admiring the sights and sounds of Africa while waiting for my turn to go adventuring on the Wild Africa Trek during my most recent Disney vacation. The experience was amazing all around, and I simply cannot stop talking about it. So for those of you who …

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[15 Jun 2013 | No Comment | ]
Refurbished Main Street Bakery Starbucks Begins Soft Openings in Walt Disney World

Ever since we first learned that Starbucks would be taking over at Walt Disney World’s Main Street Bakery last fall, we’ve been anxiously waiting for the location to reopen in its new form. Now, the wait is over, as today marked the first day of “soft openings” at the revamped bakery.
Disney Food Blog gave a thorough first look at the renovated location, which now features Starbucks’ entire traditional drink menu in addition to a variety of food options. Guests will be able to choose from both Starbucks pastries and some …

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[3 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]
Disney Officially Announces New Spice Road Table Restaurant in Epcot’s Morocco

Last December, we let you know that a new waterfront restaurant in Morocco was likely coming to Epcot’s World Showcase, an announcement that was exclusively reported by the Disney Food Blog. This week, Disney finally officially confirmed the news, as they announced that the new “Spice Road Table” restaurant will be arriving to World Showcase by the end of 2013.
While Disney has not reported many official details about the restaurant, Disney Food Blog has some exclusive information about the restaurant from the operator of Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion restaurants. Spice Road …