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[8 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]
David DiGilio to Write Screenplay for ‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel

Disney has hired David DiGilio to pen the sequel to a sequel, as the writer will create the next installment in the Tron series.
While the sci-fi thriller opened to a less than stellar response, earning only $44 million in the first weekend of its release, it managed to pull in $400 million worldwide during its theatrical run, and additional revenue with sales of DVDs and Blu rays.
To date, DiGilio has written mostly for television.  He created the short-lived Traveler series for ABC Television, and successfully pitched a sci-fi thriller, entitled Last …

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[4 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
Disney Acquires Rights To Kosinski’s “Oblivion”

Talk about “ahead of the game.” Disney has recently acquired the rights to an unpublished graphic novel, “Oblivion,” by Tron:Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. Disney is said to have “paid well” for the rights.
According to reports, this deal might line Kosinski up for three Disney studios films: a sequel to Tron:Legacy, the Black Hole remake, and Oblivion itself. While language is aggressive on the concept-to-production side in the Oblivion deal, it remains to be seen in what order these films will be produced.
According to /film, the basic structure of “Oblivion” is:
…a …