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[8 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]
Disney Releases ‘Where’s My Valentine?’ Mobile Game

Disney Mobile has released an update to their Where’s My Holiday? mobile game, which features 12 exclusive new levels themed after Valentine’s Day. Called Where’s My Valentine, this game will include both Swampy and Agent P. from Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? respectively.
In addition to the 12 new levels, the game also includes Valentine’s-themed set pieces and decor and brand new challenges to add even more excitement to the game than previous incarnations.
Where’s My Valentine? is available now – for free- on iOS and Android Platforms. Will you be downloading this latest addition to the Where’s My Water? universe?

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[19 Dec 2012 | No Comment | ]
Disney Mobile Updates Games & Announces New Launches

Disney Mobile has released a few big updates for several of their mobile games, and announced the launch of three new mobile games just in time for the holidays.
The new updates include:

40 new levels for Where’s My Perry?, which will feature Dr. Doofenshmirtz and retail for $0.99. Additionally, Disney has released 20 new levels that are free to download.
A new character, King Fergus, added to Temple Run: Brave. The unlockable character will cost 500,000 in-game coins.
A new mini-game for Wreck-It-Ralph dubbed “Turbo Time.”
The second episode for Avengers Initiative, which features Captain America.

While these updates are exciting enough, the …