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[19 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]
Prior to Film’s Release, ‘John Carter’ Sequel Already in the Works

Disney’s new film John Carter won’t be released in theaters until next month, but this week, it was revealed that a sequel to the unreleased film is already in the works. ComingSoon.net reports that producer Jim Morris has said director Andrew Stanton and screenwriter Michael Chabon are already planning out and writing a possible sequel for the film, tentatively titled John Carter: The Gods of Mars.
The sequel would be based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ second novel, The Gods of Mars (John Carter is largely based on Burroughs’ first novel, A Princess …

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[24 Mar 2011 | No Comment | ]
Screenwriter Suing Disney and Pixar for ‘Cars’

Jake Mandeville-Anthony, a U.K. based screenwriter, has filed suit against Disney and Pixar for alleged copyright infringement and breach of implied contract. Mandeville-Anthony claims that “Cars” and “Cars 2” are based on characters and a story he shopped around to several production companies in 1993.
The lawsuit was filed on March 14 in U.S. federal court, wherein Mandeville-Anthony states that he had “sent copies of his works to various production companies, including Disney” and also alleges that he met with Jim Morris in person to give him copies of his project. At …