13: Reflections of Evil Trading Event Set for Friday, September 13

This fall, the 13: Reflections of Evil trading event is set to take place in World Showcase at Epcot from September 13-15, and Disney recently released images of some of the merchandise that will help tell the story.

So perhaps you’re wondering, what is 13: Reflections of Evil?

Well, imagine for a moment that an evil Queen discovered a spell that, when performed on Friday the 13th, could bring together 13 of Disney’s most evil villains, known collectively as “The 13.” To cast the spell she needs a magic mirror to transport “The 13” to the present day. And she’s doing this on Friday, September 13.

And then imagine that the Queen succeeds in her evil plan, but “The 13” break the mirror and hide the 13 broken pieces. The mirror can’t be used against them or used to send them home. What is “good” to do? Find a purple dragon named Figment, of course. And Figment will team with Mickey Mouse and five other friends to stop “The 13” by reassembling the broken mirror and sending the villains back to their evil place.

The merchandise attached to this “battle” between good and evil includes trading pins, with a mirror set that shows each villain with their alter ego, and Vinylmations including Maleficent and a special two-pack Madame Mim set.

Tickets for the 13: Reflections of Evil trading event go on sale via DisneyParksMerchandise.com starting May 8 at 1 p.m. ET.


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