7 Year Old Portland Girl Raises Money From Lemonade Stand to go to Disneyland

Julie Murphy, a 7 year old girl from Portland, Oregon raised $1,838.31 at a local arts festival by selling 50 cent cups of lemonade to thirsty visitors. What is she going to do with the money? She’s taking her Mom, Marie Fife, to Disneyland with her! The young entrepreneur had always dreamed of traveling to the Disneyland Resort in Southern California with her Mom and now her dreams are about to be realized.

Julie’s Mom commented: “We just really appreciate everything that everyone did. She got her lemonade stand, she had a good experience and that’s all she wanted in the first place. And she met some really cool people.” (-the Examiner)

As many business owners know, success doesn’t often come without struggle & Julie’s experience wasn’t any different. At one point, Oregon health inspectors threated to fine the girl $500 for not meeting specific health standards & wanted the stand shut down. Fortunately, the community rallied around Julie, the news went national, & county officials ordered health inspectors to use “professional discretion.” Now Julie has the cash to bankroll a sweet trip to Disneyland with her Mom!

The Examiner.com posted the following picture of Julie and her lemonade stand:


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