Ashdon & Disney Collaborate for Princess-Inspired Prom Dress Collection

Ashdon, Inc. and Disney Consumer Products have announced the launch of their Disney Forever Enchanted collection, a line of prom dresses inspired by the stories and personalities of each Disney Princess. Every prom season, a new Disney Princess collection will become available, starting with Snow White.

The new collection will launch in time for prom season 2013, and feature a variety of gown and design choices inspired by Snow White. In fact, there will be seven design themes and 75 different style options so prom goers will have plenty of ways to customize their perfect gown.

Ashdon CEO Nick Yeh says:

Launching our new Disney Forever Enchanted collection with a Snow White-inspired line seemed only fitting, since she was Disney’s first princess. The dresses are fun to wear yet elegant, and offer young women a way to realize their own fairytale inspired dreams.

In order to truly capture the theme of Snow White, the dresses range in style from sweet and demure to dramatic and intense – like the red gown that mimics the color of the poison apple Snow White eats. The Disney Enchanted Forever prom dress collection will be available at specialty stores and formal wear retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, and will retail for $350-800 each.


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