‘Cars 2’ Soundtrack to be Released on CD

The Pixar Blog has some exciting news for those of us who LOVED the soundtrack to Cars:  the “Cars 2” soundtrack will feature two original songs from the film.

Now, if they can top the music from the original, it will be a feat.  But since it was so good the first time around, we’re pretty confident it will be great this time, too.

An unnamed source tells Mike that the two songs will be performed by different artists, but that one of the songs, a duet, will feature an encore performance from one of the male singers on the original soundtrack.  Did you get that?  Possibilities include Randy Newman, who wrote the film’s score, and was nominated for an Oscar, and won Grammy and an Annie for “Our Town”; Brad Paisley, John Mayer, Chuck Berry, James Taylor, or someone from groups Rascal Flatts or The Chords.

The album will be released on CD and will be available for download June 14 (unlike recent Pixar soundtrack releases, which have been exclusively downloads.)  “Cars 2” will be in theatres everywhere June 24.

Who do you think it is?  Who do you hope it is?  Share a comment below.


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