Cars 2 Will Make Its Debut at the El Capitan in Grand Style

While The Pixar Blog is quick to caution that no official announcement has come on this front, sources say that “Cars 2” will make its worldwide debut on Saturday, June 18.  The event will take place at the storied El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California. 

The El Capitan, originally built in 1926, and refurbished and reopened by Disney and Pacific Circuit in time for Disney’s “The Rocketeer” to premiere in 1991, has premiered many Disney films, and has featured many others in special runs. 

The “Cars 2” El Capitan premiere will take place 6 days before the rest of the world can see it on its offical opening date of June 24.  Look for Pixar big wigs like John Lasseter to be in attendance, as well as notable Pixar artists and cast members.  If this premiere is anything like other animated premieres, we’ll also see children of Hollywood’s elite as well.


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