Cool New Mickey Mouse Band-Aids Coming to Target, For Tweens & Adults

Disney Consumer Products has introduced a new health and beauty product; classic Mickey Mouse band-aids! Character band-aids for children are hardly anything new; Disney-conscious consumers may remember seeing “Princess & the Frog” characters protecting the boo-boos of young ones since last fall. Although, the unique aspect of the new Mickey Mouse bandages is that they are geared for an unexpected target user; tweens & adults. Disney has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to bring the new design of band-aids featuring classic Mickey Mouse to store shelves.

“These new Mickey Mouse Band-Aids are for Mickey fans who want to express themselves with fashionable flair while covering up their healing cuts or scrapes. The eye-catching Mickey design featured on a sleek black carton box are just the start of what makes these bandages sleek and stylish. Open the box to find the fun, colorful bandage designs.”

Coming exclusively to Target stores in July, the Band-Aids are expected to retail for an affordable price point of $2.99.


2 responses to “Cool New Mickey Mouse Band-Aids Coming to Target, For Tweens & Adults

  • I’ve been looking for these Band-Aids and even emailed Target and Johnson&Jonhson, but they didn’t say anything about them. Shouldn’t they be out by now?

  • You know, they honestly do a bit of a build-up to these launches. Now admittedly they’re just Band-aids, so I would think they’d have released them sooner, but it wouldn’t blow my mind if they hadn’t released them yet.

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