Couple Sues Disneyland for Negligence in Jungle Cruise Crash

Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise attraction may not rate on anyone’s list as a thrill ride, but according to a Southern California couple who rode the attraction in 2010, the ride really was perilous, and the skipper was “recklessly speeding,” which they said led to the crash.

Jeffrey and Maria Lee filed a lawsuit on February 3rd, claiming they were seriously injured in the accident. The lawsuit states:

“[The couple] noticed the ride operator was driving the boat very fast. As the Jungle Cruise ride approached the Hippopotamus area of the ride, the boat crashed straight into the island and trees.”

The lawsuit also claims the crash threw the Lee’s from their seats. Anthony F. Wiezorek, the couple’s attorney, says the crash was quite “substantial,” and that the injuries were caused by negligence. As of this writing, Disney has not responded formally to the suit.


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