Create Your Avatar Action Figure at Windtraders in Pandora – The World of Avatar

avatarPandora – The World of Avatar is officially open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and now guests can create their own Avatar action figure in the new land.

Guests visiting Windtraders – the merchandise location on Pandora – will find an ACE Avatar Maker where they can create their own action figure.

The ACE system uses a digital process to create and personalize the action figure.

Guests are greeted by an ACE Scan Technician who will use a facial scanner to enter data into the Hybrid Digitizing System. Then, guests select their avatar body from four choices including adult and child size.

Once the process is completed the guests receive an ACE identification tag that is used at the ACE Avatar Maker Fabricator where they’ll receive their completed avatars.

Accessory sets are also available for the action figures.


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