Details of the New Reimagined Test Track Revealed

Our friends at the Disney Parks Blog spoke with Disney Imagineer Melissa Jeselnick recently about the new reimagined Test Track ride in Epcot’s Future World. The refurbished ride is scheduled to debut this fall, and today’s interview provided new details, including the release of a new marquee rendering for the attraction.

During a live chat, Melissa revealed details about the revamped queue which will educate guests about the automotive design process. She says, “The queue will look like nothing our guests are used to seeing it look. We’ll use the space to introduce guests to Chevrolet’s Automotive Design process – how it starts with a line and ends with the cars you can buy on the showroom floor. We’ll have actual items, sketches, cars, models from GM that have never been seen before by anyone outside the Chevrolet family. It’s basically changing from testing to design.”

The pre-ride experience will give guests the chance to design their own Test Track vehicle. Melissa says, “In the studio, you have a chance to design your own custom concept vehicle. That design follows you into the ride, which is still the same physical ride that our guests know and love. You’ll ride in our sim car. As you move through the space, your custom design will be scored in areas such as Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness and Speed.”

Each guest will experience their own personally designed vehicle during the ride, and can compare how their car scored against the other vehicles during the post-show experience.

The track layout itself will remain unchanged, however there will be new music, lighting and special sound effects highlighting the digital aspects of the ride.

When asked about what guests should be looking forward to the most in the New Test Track, Melissa replied, “I think the coolest thing is how we integrate the pre-show with the experience, and then in the post-show, your ride vehicle travels through the entire experience with it. And you can keep interacting with your ride vehicle after.”

For more details on the ride check out the full chat over at the Disney Parks Blog. Although an official opening date has not yet been released, it is expected that Test Track will re-open sometime this fall.

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