Disney California Adventure Launches Old-Fashioned Newspaper

Disney California Adventure have launched an old-fashioned newspaper: The Buena Vista Bugle – as a way to give out information to guests. This concept of giving information to visitors was actually borrowed from Disneyland Park, which produced The Disneyland News beginning in 1955.

Initially, the newspaper was launched as a way to explain the new features of California Adventure’s extensive renovation, but when Disney officials learned that the newspaper was a hit with guests, they knew they couldn’t walk away from such a popular concept. To keep with the theme of the 1920’s and 30’s, the newspaper features authentic writing styles, fonts, features and gritty black and white prints from that era.

Some of the highlights of The Buena Vista Bugle include food and appetizer reviews; a “Celebrity Sightings” column showing where characters can be found, and a “Want Ad” style section that highlights shows, entertainment options and store locations.

Currently, Disneyland cast members are handing out the third edition of the newspaper now, and Halloween and Holiday editions are already in the making. However, the frequency of the newspaper after these editions are unknown as of this writing.


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