Disney California Adventure Set to Remove Iconic Letters

"California" Letters Dressed Up for the Holiday Season

Make way for progress:  crews will begin removing the giant letters that spell out “California” at Disney’s California Adventure on Tuesday, January 4.

The letters, which are over 11 1/2 feet tall, sit in front of the park entrance, adjacent to the turnstiles.  Visitors often snap pictures there before traipsing off to attractions, and the letters are often decorated to reflect the events of the season. 

The iconic sculpture is falling victim to the $1 billion overhaul that’s currently underway to bring new life to the park, which opened less than ten years ago.  Never a company to throw something away, Disney plans to hold onto the giant letters for possible future use. 

The park’s new entrance will reflect design elements of the Pan-Pacific Auditorium that was a Los Angeles landmark until it closed in 1972, and later burned down in 1989.  When completed, the makeover will transform the park to echo an earlier time – the 1920s and 1930s, the beginning of Walt Disney’s career in California.

Other park fixtures have already been eliminated, including entrance landmarks, various restaurants, and at least one thrill ride.

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