Disney CEO Bob Iger May Make DVD Rental Services Wait 28 Days for New Movies

On Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger told analysts that Disney may impose a 28-day waiting period on DVD rental services in order to obtain new movies. According to sources, Iger said the company hasn’t previously made companies like Redbox wait because “it was not seeing any effect from these dollar-rentals on their sell-through business.”

However, soft DVD sales were reported as a reason for Disney’s studio entertainment revenue to drop 16 percent.

Other studios, such as Fox, Universal and NBCUniversal already have a 28-day waiting period for both Netflix and Redbox, while Warner Bros. will be increasing their delay to 56 days.

Iger said:

We are in discussions to go to the 28-day window — to not sell directly our physical goods to these entities unless they adhere to a 28-day window.

However, Disney has declined further comment, and it is unclear whether Netflix will be included in this delay if Disney decides to go that route.


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