Disney Conjures an Oceanview in Every Room on the Disney Dream

Out of all the amazing, state of the art, cutting edge technology that we’ve seen displayed on the Disney Dream this week, this has GOT to be my absolute favorite feature.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had the, um, pleasure of an inside stateroom.

Only Disney could figure out how to get an ocean view into every room on the ship – even the inside ones.  Behold:  virtual portholes!  And they are not just virtual portholes.  They are magical portholes.  What’s so magical about them?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

The portholes show real time views of the ocean, thanks to four high-definition cameras mounted along the ship, and the view you see corresponds to your room’s position.  So, if your room is on the starboard side of the ship, that’s what you see in your porthole.  And there is, of course, more.  Because you also have surprise visitors in your porthole –  as familiar Disney faces, like Peach the starfish, Dumbo, and even Mickey himself, appear throughout the day.

It’s enough to send me clamoring for an inside room.  And you have never heard me say that before.

The Disney Dream sets sail on her Maiden Voyage Wednesday, January 26.

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