Disney Cruise Line Employee Missing at Sea

After failing to show up for her scheduled shift on Tuesday, authorities are busily searching for a missing female crew member of the Disney ‘Wonder’ Cruise ship.

The ship left Los Angeles on Sunday, and commenced what should have been a 7 day cruise from Los Angeles to Mexico. The Mexican Navy is doing everything they can to find the missing crew member, sources say.

Christi Donnan, a Disney spokeswoman, told Fox News that “we are very concerned about this situation and are doing everything possible to assist with the search effort and investigation.”

Donnan also mentioned that The Mexican Navy has been helping as much as they can, and “conducting searches since Tuesday…and the Bahamas Maritime Authority is leading the investigation on this matter. For their part, Donnan says they’ve conducted a “thorough and comprehensive inspection of the ship, and spoken with the crew member’s colleagues to gather as much information as possible.”

UPDATE as of 8:07 ET:   The Chester, England paper, the Chester Chronicle, has identified the missing Disney crew member as Rebecca Coriam, of Chester.  The 24 year-old works with the ship’s youth guests.  The paper reports that Coriam’s uncle and sister held a press conference earlier today to discuss her disappearance, and that her parents are en route to Los Angeles, to await the ship’s return to port on Saturday.



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