Disney Donates $150 Thousand to Osceola County for Library

Yesterday, Osceola County received a generous $150,000 donation from Walt Disney World that will be used to construct the West Osceola Branch library.

Commissioner Michael Harford said:

On behalf of Osceola County I would like to express our appreciation for this donation. For many years, the residents of Celebration have demonstrated their love for public libraries and the contributions that they make to their community. In the early days they even went so far as to start their own small, community library, staffed completely by local volunteers. Now they are just a few short months away from having a new 10,000-square foot library branch to serve the informational resource needs of their community. This would not have been possible apart from the donations of many, including this generous gift from the folks at Walt Disney, who once again have shown their commitment to the community.

Construction on the 10,000 square foot library is slated for completion next January, with an opening date set for sometime in February.


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