Disney Drops Plans for ‘Health and Wellness’ Suites at Contemporary Resort

In late April, we told you about plans to bring new “Health and Wellness” suites to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Initially, the suites were slated to open last month but sources say that Disney has dropped their plans to incorporate these themed suites into the hotel.

Originally touted to include such luxurious amenities as rainwater showers, in-room massage tables and the like, these rooms have been scrapped in favor of a renovation that is more in line with other Disney deluxe hotels.

While an official statement regarding the reason for scrapping the original plans has not been released, Bryan Malenius, a spokesman for the company, did say:

We look at new ideas and concepts all of the time. It’s not unusual for changes to be made on major construction projects such as the Contemporary suite renovations.

Renovations are now scheduled to begin in 2013, while the resort’s roof and California Grill restaurant will be undergoing improvements simultaneously. Certain features that were expected to be included in the original “health and wellness” suites, such as bamboo flooring, will likely still be included in the room renovations, while other more high-end items like in-room exercise equipment will not.

The refurbished rooms are expected to open sometime during the summer of 2013.


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