Disney Exec Doesn’t Expect Soaring Gas Prices to Hinder Recovery

Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival is drawing guests currently. Could soaring gas prices hinder Disney's recovering profits?

Jay Rasulo does not expect the upturn in gas prices to mean a downturn in the number of guests flocking to Disney Parks.

During a conference organized by Credit Suisse yesterday, Disney’s chief financial officer said that it takes more than high gas prices to deter travelers from making Disney their destination of choice:

“Historically, we have not seen that, in and of itself — separate from a downturn it might cause.  In and of itself, oil prices have not dampened visitation or interest in visitation to our theme parks.  Even in other trips, non-Disney trips, the price of gasoline plays such a small role in the overall cost of even a drive vacation that it tends not to derail somebody’s vacation plans,” Rasulo said.

As gas inches up to nearly $4 per gallon, many are concerned that the steep prices could spell a halt to an economy in the early stages of recovery;  theme park business is closely linked to the economic upturn.


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