Disney Hopes ‘Cars Land’ Brings Disney California Adventure Up to Speed

Disney California Adventure has never lived up to the standards the company was hoping for when the park officially opened in 2001- dismal attendance numbers can attest to that. However, with the $1.1 billion and multi-year refurbishment attempt – the crowning glory being the 12-acre Cars Land – Disney hopes that the park will finally be able to stand on its own.

Says Disney Chief Executive Robert A. Iger:

I believe the completion will result in a park that will both stand on its own but also serve as an important and worthy neighbor to Disneyland.

Construction to overhaul the park began in 2009, and efforts were made to “Disney-fy” the park. Following the time-tested tradition of adding attractions based on popular movies, Cars Land will feature major characters and locations from the film as well as several shops to purchase themed merchandise.

The refurbishment will be complete June 15, so only time will tell if this billion dollar expansion will finally transform Disney California Adventure into the park it was truly meant to be.


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