Disney Interactive Launces ‘Disney Inquizitive’ App

disney interactiveFans of the fun Disney quizzes that seem to pop up every day online can now download a free iOS app that is full of just Disney quizzes.

Disney Interactive just launched the free app – Disney Inquizitive – and it features categories including Fantasy & Villain, House of Mouse, Action & Adventure, Style, Love & Friendship, and Throwback. There are already more than 60 quizzes on the app.

Users of the Disney Inquizitive app can track their quiz outcomes and build unique personality profiles. You can also see the quizzes your friends are taking and compare your results in the app or on Facebook.

Some of the quiz names include: Who is Your Lion King Spirit Animal?, Which Disney Princess Should You Be?, Which Disneyland Ride Are You?, and Who Should Be Your Star Wars Sidekick?

The Disney Inquizitive app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.


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