Disney Interactive Media President Steve Wadsworth Resigns

The LA Times is reporting that Steve Wadsworth, the president of Disney Interactive Media is leaving the company. Disney has made quite a foray into the gaming community, but while their footprint has grown, profits have not necessarily followed.

In its most recent quarter, the group had an operating loss of $65 million on revenue of less than $200 million in revenue. This shows both Disney’s commitment to the space as well as the difficulty it is having in gaining a strong presence. From the article:

“We believe fully in the space, obviously, given our investments,” Chief Executive Bob Iger said in July in a conference call with analysts. “And we believe that overall games will be profitable for us and particularly social games will be profitable, and we’re not giving you a timeline as to when we’ll achieve that.”

With its recent acquisition of Playdom, Disney is clearly retaining it’s commitment to gaming and an online presence. It will be interesting to see how their strategy changes with a new president.

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