Disney Parks May Replace Paper Tickets with Wrist Bands

According to rumors, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts may be replacing their paper tickets with electronic wrist bands for theme park admission.

The company filed an application with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for a radio-frequency identification wrist band, reportedly calling the device the “Magic Band.” The description of the device, as taken from Disney’s filing:

The radio of the device, Model MB-R1G1, is a wrist worn arm band that transmits a 2.4 GHz signal to an indoor wireless infrastructure. The PCB assembly is potted in plastic and completely overmolded with thermal plastic polyurethane. The band has no on off switch and is powered with a non-replaceable coin cell.

If Disney did adopt this device, it would change the way guests enter the parks and reduce ticket loss. It may even be able to be used to purchase merchandise or as a hotel key card. However, the rumors have not been substantiated – and Disney has declined to comment on the “Magic Band” at this point. We’ll let you know more when further information becomes available.


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