Disney Radio and TV Announcer Dick Tufeld Passes Away

Most well known for being the voice of the robot in the 1960’s TV series Lost in Space, famed radio and TV announcer Dick Tufeld passed away January 22. The 85 year old’s death was confirmed as being caused by heart disease and complications from a fall last year.

In addition to his work on Lost in Space, Tufeld was the announcer for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea as well as The Time Tunnel. His voice-over work could also be heard on a variety of TV programs. The most notable Disney productions he introduced including the 1950’s TV series Zorro as well as Disney’s long-running anthology series.

His most recent work was his return to voicing the robot in the 1998 Lost in Space remake, as well as several episodes of The Simpsons in 2004.


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