Disney Releasing ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Online Before DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Following in the footsteps of other leading studios, Walt Disney Studios will be releasing their first film that customers will be able to purchase online several weeks before the physical DVD/Blu-ray copies are available in stores.

Wreck-It Ralph will be available for download and on streaming services on February 12, 2013. The film will be available in HD and 3D on supported services, but the physical 4 disc 3D Blu-ray combo and 2 disc DVD/Blu-ray standard def combo won’t be available for purchase in stores until March 5, 2013.

The film was an instant hit when it debuted in theaters, and has brought in more than $277 million for the studio. The move to release Wreck-It Ralph online before its available in stores makes many wonder about what Disney has planned for the future. The company shut down their online streaming site in November, but it remains to be seen how Disney plans to incorporate these digital releases into their overall business plan in the future.


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