Disney Spends Millions to Help Shorten Ride Wait Times

According to sources, Walt Disney World has spent millions of dollars in an effort to shorten ride wait times – including popular favorites like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Says Brian Britain, vice president of park operations for Disney World:

We want our guests to have a hassle-free experience. Let’s face it, waiting in line is a hassle. By saving a fraction of a second, we’re able to provide a half million more guest experiences.

Such is the case with Space Mountain. When the ride was temporarily closed, work crews were able to speed up the vehicles at the loading dock by half a second. This doesn’t seem like much, but when a half million additional guests are able to enjoy the ride, the payoff is obviously great.

At Pirates of the Caribbean, a water jet loads boats a split second faster than previously, which means about 700,000 more guests can enjoy the attraction each year, Disney says. Additional major changes include the new Dumbo Flying Circus ride. Instead of waiting in line, riders receive a pager that alerts them when it’s time to board.

As of this writing, about 20 rides have been refurbished to lessen wait times.


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