Disney Store Discontinues Ridemakerz Stations

Sources say that the Disney Store has discontinued all CARS Ridemakerz stations in every Imagination Park-model location, with the exception of their flagship store in Times Square. Most recently, the Florida Mall store in Orlando shuttered its doors on Monday without much fanfare.

Many cast members have said that initial sales of the Ridemakerz cars were very popular, but have since dwindled to almost nothing. If you were a fan of being able to create your own customized vehicle, though, fear not – Ridemakerz still has a location in Downtown Disney.

Currently, Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney is located in a section of Team Mickey, but will be moving back to its own location on the West Side as soon as Splitsville, a bowling alley, billiards hall and restaurant, opens next year.

You’ll also be able to score 10% off Ridemakerz custom cars by purchasing a $5 wristband to attend the Benefit Sale at Downtown Disney, which opens November 5.


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