Disney Sues People Who Sold Fake Tickets to Theme Park

Last week, Disney Enterprises Inc. filed three lawsuits against people who allegedly sold fake tickets to their theme park.

One of the lawsuits filed is against Elena Tarano, who has been arrested three times in the past year for selling previously used tickets to Disney as well as Universal Orlando. Tarano operates a ticket shop in Orange County, where Disney claims her illegal business practices have occurred.

In the lawsuit against Tarano, Disney alleges copyright and trademark infringement, and also claims that Tarano’s illegal acts have negatively affected Disney’s image. Says the lawsuit:

Defendant’s marketing, advertising, distribution, sale or offer for sale of Invalid Multi-day Passes bearing the Disney Trademarks in Florida and in interstate commerce has and will cause likelihood of confusion, deception and mistake in that the buying public will conclude that the Invalid Multi-day Passes sold by Tarano are authorized, approved, or associated with Disney.

Tahir Ansari, Dabeyba Fraketti and Jeffrey Almiron have also been sued by Disney. The defendants run ticket shops in Orange and Osceola counties, and these people Disney claims also sell counterfeit tickets to the theme park. We’ll keep you updated on the status of these lawsuits as information becomes available.


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