Disney Tries to Revive Radio Serial With “My Dream”

Disney doesn’t mind trying genres that are considered out of date. “High School Musical” was considered risky when it was created and went on to make the company huge profits. They’re looking for the same kind of unconventional success with “My Dream,” a radio serial to be presented on Radio Disney according to the Associated Press.

The story features Kayla, played by Daphne Blunt (pictured right), who deals with various obstacles in her quest for musical success. Radio Disney is very popular with younger listeners who may have tastes that could help revive this old format:

From the Associated Press Article:

The idea recalls serials that were popular in the early days of radio, a format that was essentially destroyed when television arrived. Radio Disney says it will wait to see how the first serial fares before committing to others, said Ray De La Garza, the network’s vice president of programming.

Can Disney once again defy conventional wisdom and revive a once popular format? Tune your radio to find out.

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