Disney World Considering Haunted Mansion and Royal Themed Rooms

According to WDWMagic, several Disney fans have been asked to fill out surveys about whether or not they’d consider staying in a Hunted Mansion themed room or a Royal themed room. This comes on the tail of a successful experiment with Pirate themed rooms in Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

The surveys even include concept art for the new room types! The Haunted Mansion room features beds that look like doombuggies, gargoyles holding sconces on the wall, mysterious footsteps on the ceiling, and bedspreads made to look like Haunted Mansion wallpaper! The Royal Room features canopied beds and fanciful additions to the decor, including Aladdin’s lamp, Beast’s rose under glass, and even a clock that looks like Cogsworth, that remind us of romantic Disney films.

Judging from the Concept art, these rooms will be placed in either Disney’s Value or Moderate resorts.

Haunted Mansion Room Concept Art
Royal Room Concept Art

Be sure to head over to WDWMagic to see more photos of the concept art.

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