Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Grant Recipients Announced

DWCF-2014-Funded-ProjectsThe Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) has just announced the recipients for their 2014 grant program.

The DWCF chose 141 organizations based on their efforts to study wildlife, protect habitats, and develop community conservation and education programs. These grants also take the DWCF over the $25 million mark for grants to date.

Some of the organizations chosen as grant recipients this year include: African People & Wildlife Fund’s Maasai Steppe Big Cats Conservation which works to mitigate livestock-lion conflicts; the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Sharing Space with China’s Elephants which engages in protection efforts and conservation initiatives;  Zoo Conservation Outreach Group and Instituo de Pesquisas Ecologicas’ (IPE) Giant Armadillo Conservation Project; and The Mammal Center’s Hawaiian Monk Seal Healthcare Project.

Since its beginning the DWCF has funded efforts to conserve more than 400 species of wildlife and has supported projects that protected 3,600 square miles of habitat.


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