Disneyland Fun Facts for Park Enthusiasts!

There seems to be a growing trend amongst Walt Disney World enthusiasts – they’re taking their mouse ears out west to Walt’s original park more frequently than in past decades. Perhaps all of the attention Disneyland has received over the past 5 years with the celebration of its 50th anniversary, a renewal of interest in Disney history, or the focus on big ticket additions & refurbishments at Disney’s California Adventure park but something seems to have captured east coaster’s attention. Families are taking the longer plane ride, growing an appreciation for a ‘smaller’ resort experience, and taking part in the nostalgia that Disneyland offers.

For folks who’ve grown used to vacationing at Walt Disney World, Disneyland can offer a renewed magic & excitement for the parks. Folks get to know Walt Disney World like the back of their hands, can recite facts about the resort at the drop of a Mickey bar, and even pride themselves on helping friends & family to plan trips. So how does a WDW enthusiast get to know the Disneyland Resort just as well as their beloved east coast mecca? Well, the Disney Parks Blog has started a series called “Did You Know,” which offers interesting “fun facts” about Disneyland.

Even if you grew up on the west coast & visit Disneyland often perhaps this series of videos can offer you some interesting tidbits!

The first ‘webisode’ of this four-part series focused on horticulture in the park! Check it out!


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