Disneyland Union Protests ‘Toy Story 3’ Nomination Campaign

In an attempt to raise awareness of their position, a union that represents Disneyland hotel workers has launched a campaign against Disney’s efforts to win an Oscar Nomination for “Toy Story 3.”

“Disney has its eye on trying to win Best Picture. And we just think, although it’s a good movie, that the academy shouldn’t reward Disney for its hypocrisy,” said Leigh Shelton, a spokesperson for Unite Here Local 11.

A Disney official calls the campaign a publicity stunt meant to distract union members.  “We have offered a fair and comprehensive contract,” said Suzi Brown, a Disneyland spokesperson, “Including annual wage increases, paid sick leave and reliable, affordable health care.”

The approximately 2,100 members of labor group, which work at the resort’s three hotels, have been working without a contract for almost three years, primarily over health care cost conflicts.

Protests will be staged for future screenings of the film, and the group has launched a website, notoystory3.org, to promote their efforts.

In addition to the latest campaign, the union has also staged a week-long hunger strike, walkouts, and a one-day labor strike.

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