Disney’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes Elephant Calf

baby elephantDisney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed an elephant calf to the park’s herd, bringing the number of elephants to 10.

The new calf, named Stella, was born to 28-year-old Donna. Stella is the third calf for Donna who has also given birth to Nadirah in 2005, and Luna in 2010.

The Animal Kingdom’s elephant herd is made up of three males and six females, plus new baby Stella.

Donna and her calf were “backstage” for a short time so that they could bond but are now “on stage” in the Kilimanjaro Safari.

The elephant program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is contributing to the worldwide conservation and studying of elephants, and Disney  has worked close with the Save the Elephants on the “Elephants and Bees” project in Kenya.

This project funds the “development and installation of beehive fences around farms in Kenya” protecting the farmers and their crops from elephants and protecting elephants from farmers.

You can check out baby elephant Stella here.


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