Duffy’s Friend Cookie Comes to Hong Kong Disneyland

cookieDuffy the Disney Bear’s newest friend, Cookie, has arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Cookie is a puppy who is “very curious about all sorts of foods and loves to come up with unique and delicious recipes.”

According to Disney, Duffy and Cookie met on Main Street U.S.A. and when they bumped into each other Duffy’s cotton candy and Cookie’s waffles went flying … but Cookie came up with a new recipe: a cotton candy waffle sandwich.

Cookie is visiting guests at Hong Kong Disneyland in her chef’s hat and pink bow, and is Duffy’s first friend to debut at Hong Kong Disneyland.

She’s giving out hugs in front of Main Street Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy — Presented by Fujifilm.

There is also exclusive merchandise and foods connected to Cookie’s appearance at the park including Cookie’s Afternoon Tea Set, Cookie’s Mango Lagoon, and Cookie’s Choco Cup. All are available at the Main Street Corner Café Hosted by Coca-Cola®.


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