Epcot Expanding Kinsey Collection at The American Adventure Pavilion

kinsey collectionThis spring guests at The American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot will have a chance to see an expansion of Re-Discovering America: Family Treasures from the Kinsey Collection.

This expansion includes additional images, artwork, and artifacts related to important moments in American history. The exhibit’s themes are hope, belief, courage, imagination, and heritage and the art and artifacts pay homage to African Americans who helped build this nation.

The Kinsey Collection is a private collection featuring rare art, documents, books, and artifacts. The Epcot display has been open since March 2013 with nearly 40 items on display in the interactive exhibit.

Philanthropists Bernard, Shirley, and Khalil Kinsey are working with Disney Imagineers to add new artifacts and display cases.

“The Kinsey Collection shares the powerful and previously untold stories of those who dared to dream,” said Erin Youngs, vice president of Epcot. “Representing more than 400 years of African-American achievement and history, the Kinsey Collection showcases the best of the American spirit with a nod to ingenuity and innovation. We are delighted to expand the exhibit and bring even more of these treasures to Epcot guests.”

Some of the new objects being added to the exhibit include:

  • Distribution of Population in New York, 1801: One of the first census calculations done by the state of New York following the Three-Fifths Compromise.
  • Noon Wash by artist Jonathon Green
  • Slave Songs of the United Stated: A collection of African American music, published in 1867.
  • Tintype Photographs

The Re-Discovering America: Family Treasures from the Kinsey Collection is included in admission to Epcot. For more information visit thekinseycollection.com


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