‘Epic Mickey’ Game a Hit, Selling More Than 1M Units in December

A darker, more mischievous Mouse seems to be doing the trick, as sales of Disney’s “Epic Mickey” numbered 1.3 million during the month of December, according to figures made available by the NPD Group.

The numbers represent an even larger achievement, given that that game was released in only one format, for Nintendo Wii, and didn’t enjoy a push from the more popular Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

“Epic Mickey” ranked among the top-selling games for the holiday season, and seems to signal validation of Disney’s choice to have the game developed by outsider and famous game guru Warren Spector, who pored endlessly over archives to get the details of the game just right.

That Disney is continuing to make strides in the interactive field also seems to justify their deepening investment in that arena.  On another gaming front, Disney’s “Tap Tap Revenge 4” is also setting records, as iTunes most popular free app du jour.

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5 responses to “‘Epic Mickey’ Game a Hit, Selling More Than 1M Units in December

  • “and didn’t enjoy a push from the more popular Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360” – sorry but how exactly did you arrive to the conclusion that these two were more popular than the Wii?
    I am not even going to mention past years, but even in 2010 Wii was the best selling home console (check NPD numbers for 2010 if you think I’m wrong).

  • Boaz: Great point, but world-wide the PS3 & XBox together sell more than the Wii. So if they had included those platforms they would have more than doubled their potential audience. You’re right thought that the Wii is the most popular console. Thanks for pointing that out. Unless I’m missing something don’t your own numbers confirm that? PS3 at 14 million plus XBox 360 at 14 million is greater than Wii at 19 million?

  • @ Zane Figg

    Are you serious? How is that possible when the Wii system sold, ~80 million (total, PS3 sold ~50 million (total) and 360 sold ~45 million.
    Last year the systems total sold are:
    Wii: ~19 million
    PS3: ~14 million
    360: ~14 million
    Where are you getting your data from?
    That’s where I’m getting my information.

    What are you talking about that world wide, the other two out sold the Wii? PS3 and 360, are ~5 million behind the Wii. and also FYI, Epic Mickey isn’t a world wide game.

  • World wide the two systems combined (XBox and PS3) outsold the Wii, not individually. So if they had sold on XBox and PS3 as well as the Wii they would have over doubled their market. Thanks for helping me clarify my point.

  • Wow people get worked up over little things on the internet. This blog wasnt about which console is better or sells more. Obviously if the iphone is carried by more than one comany it is going to have more sales numbers. This is the same thing with this game. It did excellent as pointed out, despite being on only one console. Its the same concept with the unchartered series for ps3 and halo on xbox. Despite being limited to one system the sales numbers are amazing.

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