ESPN Digital Media Team Launches All-New ‘SportsCenter’ App for iOS and Android Smartphones

The ESPN Digital Media team launched an all-new SportsCenter app for iOS and Android phones last month and to date more than 10.6 million people have explored the app.

Users who had the ScoreCenter app received the new SportsCenter app as an update to ScoreCenter. The ScoreCenter app had been downloaded to more than 43 million devices.

ESPN’s Senior Vice President of Digital Product Development Ryan Spoon said the new app was not a replacement for ScoreCenter, but rather a way to combine scores with videos, articles, analysis, social activity, and more.

Spoon said he believes the most important feature of the new app is the Clubhouse where users are able to access clubhouses for any team. The clubhouses include a team’s scores, videos, and social content.

A year ago ESPN had 45 apps and now it has only 14. Spoon says the digital team media team is focusing on a core fan experience that gives users scores, content, fantasy games, video, and audio.



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