ESPN Ending Its 3D Cable Channel This Year after Three Years of Broadcasts

It seems that while 3D movies are all the rage at the local theater, sports fans still want to watch college football the old fashioned way – in 2D.

Three years after launching 3D broadcasts of college football games, the Masters golf tournament, and other sporting events, ESPN has decided to end its 3D cable channel this year. While the cost of 3D televisions has been going down, consumers aren’t in any hurry to bring that sort of technology home.

Cable and satellite providers were paying ESPN a monthly fee of $2.79 per subscriber, one of the highest rates for a cable channel. The network was carried by DirectTV, Time Warner Cable Inc., and Comcast in different programming packages.

A spokesperson for ESPN said that while the 3D technology didn’t take off, the network will continue to experiment with other new technology including Ultra High Definition, also known as Ultra HD. And if 3D television ever takes off, the network might consider returning to that type of programming.

For now though, you’ll have to settle for watching the 2014 Master’s Tournament without your 3D glasses.


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