Flavors of Club Cool at Epcot Debut Seven New Flavors, But Fan Favorite Beverly Remains

Club Cool in Epcot debuted a new lineup of beverages this week but kept fan-favorite Beverly on tap.

The flavors that were replaced include Krest Ginger Ale, Fanta Kolita, Kinley Lemon, Lift Apple, Smart Watermelon, and Mezzo Mix. The new beverages feature flavor offerings from South Africa, Peru, Thailand, and more.

Club Cool fans know that Beverly is a fizzy and somewhat bitter non-alcoholic aperitif from Italy. Some might say it’s an acquired taste.

The new flavors are: Fanta (Greece), Fanta Melon Frosty (Thailand), VegitaBeta (Japan), Bibo (South Africa), Sparberry (Zimbabwe), Inca Kola (Peru), and Guarana Kuat (Brazil).

The new beverage flavors range from fruity to liquid bubblegum. Fanta from Greece is a caffeine free pineapple flavored beverage, while Thailand’s Fanta selection is Frosty Melon. Japan’s VegitaBeta is flavored with apricot and passion fruit but the color comes from the beta carotene. Bibo from South Africa is a non-carbonated fruit drink, while Sparberry from Zimbabwe is raspberry cream flavored. Peru’s Inca Kola is described as “liquid bubblegum” and Guarana Kuat from Brazil is flavored with the guarana berry.

Epcot’s Club Cool is one of three locations in the United States where these beverages are available. The only other locations where fans can sample Beverly or any of the other sods are Coca-Cola attractions in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Our friends at the Disney Food Blog have a review of the new flavors posted! Check it out!

What new flavor do you want to try?


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