Gold BB-8 Created for Force For Change Auction

bb8 goldThere’s another golden droid in the Star Wars universe.

Kay Jewelers has created a gold BB-8 for a special auction sponsored by Force For Change.

The custom golden figures is 4.25 inches tall and weighs more than 1.5 lbs. It is set in 18K yellow gold and features 18 carats worth of diamonds.

This IS the droid you’re looking for.

The gold BB-8 is up for auction and all the proceeds will benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The auction is being held on behalf of Star Wars: Force For Change.

This year Force For Change is working on an initiative that supports children’s hospitals in the United States and the UK. The initiative includes a program called “Master Your Force” that teaches kids to “harness their inner strength through meditation and positive thinking.”


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