Hacker Obtains Millions of Disney Destinations E-mails

For those who subscribe to Disney Destinations e-mails, be aware that hackers infiltrated their marketing database earlier last week, where millions of e-mails were stolen. The hackers did not get into Disney’s computer system, but instead accessed the system of their e-mail provider Epsilon.

In a statement released by Epsilon, the problem was apparently detected on Wednesday. Some clients’ customer data was exposed by this unauthorized access into their servers, but the information obtained by the hackers was limited to names and e-mail addresses only; further personal information was not obtained.

Zoraya Suarez, a Disney spokeswoman, reported that Disney officials are very “disappointed” that the database was hacked. A spokeswoman for Epsilon, Jessica Simon, declined to comment on how many companies’ information was hacked, but was quick to reassure that their company is cooperating with authorities in investigating the matter.

Shortly after the issue was identified, Epsilon did send e-mails to Disney Destinations subscribers alerting them to the problem and warned everyone to be careful when opening e-mails.


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