History Behind Japanese Anime Characters Explored in New EPCOT Exhibit

A new exhibit in EPCOT’s Japanese Pavilion is open, “Spirit Beasts: From Ancient Stories to Anime Stars.” Full of historic artwork, the new exhibit explores the connection between traditional Japanese myths and modern day characters of popular manga comics and anime. Featuring some mysterious beasts in Japanese storytelling history, the evolution of these characters makes it appearance into recognizable contemporary Japanese media.

Thomas Smith, Social Media Director, for Disney Parks recently visited the new exhibit & reported:

“that’s what the exhibit is all about — showing the connection between the historic and the contemporary. When I popped in this week, I immediately recognized some of the Japanese characters from video games and TV shows that my children still enjoy. I think you’ll spot them too.” (Disney Parks Blog)

It’s being reported that Disney Project Manager and Show Producer Wyatt Winter expects the exhibit to be on display for several years. If you are visiting EPCOT you can find the exhibit in the World Showcase’s Japanese Pavilion, directly in the back of the pavilion and to the left.

photo copyright Disney

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