Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Welcomes Completion of Grizzly Gulch

Last week, a ceremony was held to welcome Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s newest addition: Grizzly Gulch.

The first themed area of its kind at any Disney park, Grizzly Gulch makes guests feel as if they’ve really just walked into a Wild West mining town. The story says that when miners founded the area in 1888, they did so without knowing the land they built on was rife with natural springs. As a result, there are unpredictable geysers and various fountains sprinkled throughout the town to delight and surprise visitors.

By far the central attraction in Grizzly Gulch is The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. This ride will take guests on an exciting adventure in a train that goes forwards, backwards and crisscrosses in and around the entire track.

Grizzly Gulch joins Toy Story Land, which opened in November and was the first component to Hong Kong Disneyland’s three-part expansion. With the opening of Mystic Point next spring, the park will have expanded by about 25%. Will you be visiting the expanded Hong Kong Disneyland anytime soon?


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