Ice Cube’s ‘Chrome and Paint’ Picked Up By Disney

Rich Ross and Sean Bailey continue to try to bring in projects that go beyond what many think of as “traditional” Disney movies since taking over as heads of the studio – and this latest project is no exception.

It was recently announced that Disney has picked up Ice Cube’s Chrome and Paint, a gritty car culture movie that is a far cry from traditional Disney family fare. In fact, Ice Cube initially envisioned the project as a violent, hardcore R-rated movie – but with Disney picking up the film, those aspects will undoubtedly be softened a bit.

Sources say that Cube will direct and produce the film with CubeVision partner Matt Alvarez. He’s also helping Eva Vives (co-writer for Raising Victor Vargas) to write the script for the movie.

The title for the film actually comes from a song on Cube’s 2006 album Laugh Now, Cry Later.

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