Individual Software and Disney Collaborate to Create ‘Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends’ Software

Editor’s Note: Today, we welcome back regular contributor Cari Keebaugh as she tells us all about  cool new Disney educational software that will help your kids to learn typing! 

Whoever said that learning can’t be fun has obviously never encountered any of Disney’s educational products. From interactive, educational apps to DVDs and  hands-on toys, Disney has long produced instructive products that emphasize having fun. Now, Disney and Individual Software have released new software for PC and Mac called Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends.

‘Mickey’s Typing Adventure’ features the user as the hero of the story; Mickey and his friends are in the mythical world of Typelandia and need your child’s (age 6-12) help! The hero can save Mickey and his friends while learning the touch method of typing. The program teaches children correct finger placement and gives instruction throughout. Passing each lesson frees a character and allows you to progress through Typelandia, getting closer and closer to the Palace. Once all lessons are complete and all characters have been freed, players can join Mickey and play typing games -like Gopher Mania, Run Pluto Run, and Quack Cottage – at the Palace Faire. Players can also practice their new-found typing skills by typing excerpts from Disney stories, including Aladdin, Cinderella, and Peter Pan.

Individual Software’s President and CEO Jo-L Hendrickson notes the importance of providing entertaining, engaging learning learning software to parents, teachers, and children. “Schools are beginning to teach typing at a younger age and we recognize that kids need a lot of practice and motivation to build correct finger-to-key memories to become touch typists. The lessons, challenges, and games in Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends include speed and accuracy, rhythm, dexterity, and retention, all of which reinforce the important typing skills required today.”

While the software is being released to merchants for parents to buy, versions for schools will soon be available. The school version will include administrative tools necessary for teachers, such as features allowing teachers to adjust the curriculum and evaluate student performance by student or class.

For an evaluation copy of the software or for more information, contact or call 800-822-3522 Ext. 171, or purchase your copy here.

If traditional keyboard typing software doesn’t sound like something Santa would deliver to your Disney prince or princess this Christmas but you still want to buy them something they can learn from, never fear – Disney Educational Productions has educational DVDs on sale for $14.99, and new educational apps for the iPad and iPhone are always being released.

For more about Disney’s educational products, visit Disney’s website.



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