Interactive C3PO Talks & Mingles With Guests at Disney’s “Star Wars Weekends”

Contracted by Lucasfilm and approved by Star Wars creator George Lucas himself, a new interactive & talking C3PO droid scuttled his way through Disney’s Hollywood Studios park to greet guests during “Star Wars Weekends.” Even though the famous droid has been part of the event in the past this time he’s interacting with guests in an amazing way, he’s talking to them! You can see a video of the personable droid below.

Escorted by an Imagineer and several Disney Cast Members the droid has limited movement capacity, but has been drawing huge crowds this past weekend. It’s unconfirmed whether or not C3PO will be available to greet guests for the rest of the “Star Wars Weekends” dates in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but “Inside the Magic” reported:

“Initially I was told that C3PO would only be at Star Wars Weekends during this weekend, ending today. However, I heard today that he’ll be here for the remainder of the event, which runs each Friday — Sunday through June 13.”

If you’re lucky enough to catch him, you can find C3PO between the “Star Tours” attraction entrance and the gift shop, amongst the trees in Ewok village.


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