Is Walt Disney World Resort Considering a Tiered Ticket Pricing System?

Walt Disney World ResortA one-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort already costs $105 plus tax for guests ages 10 and older, but is a new tiered ticket system on the way?

There’s been a lot of online chatter this week about a survey Disney Parks and Resorts is sending out to some past guests.

This survey is reportedly asking guests their opinions on a “tiered” ticket pricing system that would be based on what time of year you visit Disney World.

An example of ticket prices in this tiered system includes a Magic Kingdom ticket priced at $125 a day for the month of July and during the winter holidays.

The system is based on a gold, silver, and bronze calendar and also shows ticket prices of $115 and $105 per day depending on the time of year.

The proposed system also showed a tiered system for the other three Disney World theme parks which currently cost $97 each for a one-day ticket.

There is no official word from Disney regarding this survey other than for them to say that they often survey guests.


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